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Self-adhesive decorative window films are mainly to deco the plain glass window aesthetically and achieve privacy while do not obscuring the light and views. Especially, the sandblast, frosted and etched windows are perfectly to replace the expensive etched, frosted glass. The deco window film are also alternative to curtains and blinds. All patterns of window films are ideal for commercial spaces and home decorations. Mainly window films substrates are PVC and Polyester and on the back sides are optional with silicone liner or paper liner. Most basic and popular window films are etched film, frosted film, sandblast film, light diffusing films, and various patterns films by printing or embossing structures. The standard width normally is 1270mm and some items up to 1525mm.

With over 20 years self-adhesive coating PVC (SAV) production, Tri Tigers Tape Co., Ltd is well-experienced of producing signage application products; solvent printing media, cold laminating film, mounting film, color vinyl for cutting plotters, application tape, car wrap films, decorative window film and deco wood film.

For self-adhesive window film, we are now have about 80 patterns and are still developing more to meet the market demands.

There are many patterns of window film we are producing now:
  • etched window film
  • sparkled window film
  • frosted window film
  • sandblasted glass film
  • 3D patterns glass film
  • textured an printing patterns of privacy window film

All these are designed to create privacy while light still comes from room to room, remaining an open feel even in confined spaces. Besides, these designed are perfect for meeting room, business environment, residential space, partitions of glass kind.

Customization patterns available and OEM requirement is welcome.
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deco window film - R17W

sandblast deco window film
self adhesive embossed pvc film can keep the harmful UV rays out and designed for decorati ...

deco window film - R17WCP0801

Frosted, self-adhesive window decoration PVC
Frosted window film is perfectly designed to apply to the glass window to offer the privac ...

deco window film - R112

square, 20 x 20 mm, décor window film
Self-adhesive Window Film is designed for decoration use. Keep the light in and remain th ...

deco window film - R116

cubic decorative window film
Our company specializes in manufacturing professional Decorative Window Film and Car Wrapp ...

deco window film - R117

sandblast PVC glass films (matt white)
If you need Window Film, please do not hesitate to contact us.
For decorative beautiful ...

deco window film - R118

geometric pattern self-adhesive PVC film for windows
In addition to Geometric Decorative Window Films, we also supply Cubic Decorative Window F ...

deco window film - R120

mosaic plastics PVC glass film
As an industry leader of Decorative Window Film, we offer quality Car Wrapping and Vinyl F ...

deco window film - R121

rhombus privacy deco window plastic PVC
PVC Window Film is avaible for OEM service.
We offer PVC Window Film in Rhombus design. ...

deco window film - R122

icicle window decoration film
Our company provides Decorative Window Film with high quality and competitive price.
Fo ...

deco window film - R128

pink sandblast décor window film
In addition to Plastic PVC Window Film, we also supply PET window film with good quality. ...

deco window film - R130

circus pattern plastic PVC film for glass
As a professional manufacturer of Decorative Window Film, we provide superior PVC Window F ...

deco window film - R131

flower pattern privacy PVC building film for windows
Our company provides PVC film with high quality and competitive price.
For decorative ...