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Color Vinyl Manufacturer

Plotter vinyls are calendered pvc films coated with pressure sensitive, solvent-based acrylic adhesive. Self adhesive pvc vinyl with variety of colors. You can cut letters, decals, shapes, and designs and stick to virtually any surface, both indoor and outdoor.

Tri Tigers Tape Co., Ltd. specializes in the design and manufacture of Decorative Wood Film, cubic decorative window film and Clear PVC media film.

Color Vinyl is available in a variety of sizes and specifications, ensuring durable and trouble-free use.

Now you can have the superior energy-efficiency and maintenance-free performance of vinyl, with more color flexibility, allowing you to enhance the look of your advertisement and signage.
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color vinyl - GP3

glossy black PVC color vinyl film (opaque)
We have rich experience in providing Decorative Window Film, Mounting Film, calendered sel ...

color vinyl - PC995

black & white checks self-adhesived color vinyl films
Color vinyl is one of our main products, ensuring durable quality and trouble-free use. Ou ...