cold laminating film

Manufacturer of Cold Laminating Film

Laminate to protect digitally printed images or any photos by providing protection against UV radiation damage, humidity, scratches, and abrasion. To protect the ink and increase durability and have the print more vibrant. Textured laminating film adds special effects and touchs like brushed stainless steel or leather look textures. Besides, for safety concern, floor graphics need to be laminated with an anti-slip film, both in public and private spaces.

With over 20 years self-adhesive coating PVC (SAV) production, Tri Tigers Tape Co., Ltd is well-experienced of producing signage application products; solvent printing media, cold laminating film, mounting film, color vinyl for cutting plotters, application tape, car wrap films, decorative window film and deco wood film.

The protective cold lamination films are designed to protect digitally printed images or any documents, photos by providing protection from UV radiation damage, scratches, and abrasion

Product Features
  • Color enhancement
  • Gloss for enhancing the gloss of the print out
  • Matte for clear viewing without reflection
  • Easy and smooth operation.
  • Protect against abrasion, moisture, and constant surface contact.
  • Deeper, richer image output.
  • Excellent chemical resistance to most of cleaning fluids.
  • Width option: 940/ 1090/ 1300/ 1370/ 1550 mm
  • Length option: 45/ 50 M
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cold laminating film - L002CP0801

Glossy cold laminating film for cold lamination
Glossy clear cold laminating is to protect the graphics from erosion or scratches; also, i ...

cold laminating film - L003CP0801

Satin self-adhesive cold laminating pvc film for graphics protection
Satin cold laminating film is easier to replace thermal laminating film since cold laminat ...

cold laminating film - L004CP0801

Matt monomeric pvc cold laminating film
ld Laminating Film- L04-matt laminating film

cold laminating film - L007CP0801

UV type adhesive pvc, satin cold laminating film
UV type Satin cold laminating film is designed for graphics protection. It is made of soft ...

cold laminating film - L008CP0801

UV type glossy cold laminating film for graphics protection
Pressure sensitive UV gloss cold laminating film; 80um gloss PVC is premium product to ove ...

cold laminating film - L009CP0801

uv type matt laminating film
Pressure sensitive UV matt cold laminating film; 80um matt PVC is a premium product to ove ...

cold laminating film - L011CP0801

Floor graphic protection film, cold laminating film for floor graphics protection with matt deep texture
Floor graphics are useful signage to catch attention and direct people to the right destin ...

cold laminating film - L011CP0802

The self-adhesive floor vinyl graphics we manufacturer are non-slip, scuff and scratch resisted
Wide format printing on the floor is very good way to do commercial advertising and increa ...