solvent printing media

Solvent Printing Media Manufacturer

Outstanding, stable printability performance with excellent print definition. Widely compatible with solvent, eco-solvent, Latex and UV inks. Suitable for architectural graphics, interior design, advertising, promotion, signage, vehicle signage, transportation and automobile wrapping use.

With over 20 years self-adhesive coating PVC (SAV) production, Tri Tigers Tape Co., Ltd is well-experienced of producing signage application products; solvent printing media, cold laminating film, mounting film, color vinyl for cutting plotters, application tape, car wrap films, decorative window film and deco wood film.

Solvent, eco solvent printing media, screen printing media are our main feature products, featuring its consistence printability and color printing output. What we take into first consideration is about the excellent printability not about the cost issue. We do believe even the low price market strategy may win over order in the first place; however, it will damage the market in the end. So, the high quality always is our persistence.

The solvent printing media for inkjet printers features:
  • Outstanding print quality and wide range rich color.
  • Exceptional consistency of printed output
  • Adhesive Color option: clear, grey, black, white
  • Peel strength option: removable, semi-permanent, and permanent
  • Width option: 90/ 1050/ 1250/ 1270/ 1530 mm
  • Length option: 50/ 100/ 150/ 200/ 250 M

Customization patterns available and OEM requirement is welcome.
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solvent printing media - S002CP2000

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one way vision solvent printing media
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Self-adhesive vinyl for window graphics printing
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window graphics film, clear self adhesive pvc for digital printing
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solvent printing media - S005CR0802

clear solvent printing media with clear removable adhesive
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solvent printing media - S007CP0802

Glossy wide Format Printing Media with clear permanent adehisve
Self-adhesive glossy white PVC is widely used for solvent, eco-solvent wide format printin ...

solvent printing media - S007CR0802

semi-gloss white pvc for digital printing with clear removable adhesive
Self-adhesive glossy white PVC wither removable adhesive, is widely used for solvent, eco- ...

solvent printing media - S007GP0802

semi-gloss white pvc for digital printing with grey permanent adhesive
Pressure sensitive, grey permanent glossy white PVC is widely used for solvent, eco-solven ...

solvent printing media - S008CP0802

Matt wide format solvent printing media with clear permanent adhesive
Self-adhesive matt white PVC is widely used for solvent, eco-solvent wide format printing. ...

solvent printing media - S019CP0802

backlit graphics, backlit printing media
Backlit printing media uses translucent film to apply for light box with illumination in b ...

solvent printing media - S031BP0802

glossy white pvc with black permanent adhesive
Wide format printing media, glossy white pvc with black permanent adhesive on the back. T ...

solvent printing media - S031BP1002BF

White self-adhesive vinyl with bubble free liner
White self-adhesive pvc with block out adhesive and bubble free liner. This product is id ...