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Tri Tigers has been manufacturing SAV; self-adhesive vinyl for signage since 1989. We are restlessly innovative to develop product concepts that have proven to be big-sellers with our established client base. We develop more than 50 new products per year to meet the evolving demands of global markets.


We provide one-stop shop convenience to clients, offering a diverse range of products across eight product lines for them to choose from. This includes solvent printing media, cold laminating films, mounting films, color vinyl for cutting plotters, application tapes, car wraps (3-D carbon fiber stickers, metal-brushed PVC and more), decorative window films and decorative wood films. These products are all produced in an ISO 9001:2008-certified production facilities.


After many years in the business, we continue to grow due to the long-term cooperation of our valued clients. We currently provide OEM/ODM services to buyers from Canada, the US, Italy, Australia, Dubai, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia... In total, we customize products for more than 50 brand names worldwide and export up to 30 x 20-foot containers per month.

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Vinyl Film Manufacturer

Tri Tigers Tape Co., Ltd. is a professional Adhesive Signage Product Manufacturer in Taiwan, offering Color Vinyl Film, Mounting Film and Decorative Wood Film with superior quality. In addition, we also supply Decorative Window Film and Cold Laminating Film and Floor Graphic with competitive price. We also provide Car Leopard Sticker, Carbon Fiber Sticker and 3D Carbon Fiber Sticker with superior quality. If you are searching for Solvent Media, Self-adhesive Color Vinyl and Car Sticker Manufacturer, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Main Product:

ISO 9001: 2015


1989 > Established in Likoh, Taiwan, supplying for domestic color vinyl market, and with 75 distributors to resell for brands "2T" and "Foreverwell" around Taiwan
1991 > Set up office in Shanghai, China to distribute color vinyl with self-owned brand "Sanben"
1992 > Established branch plant in Hochiming, Vietnam to sell self-owned brand "forevermore"
1998 > Estabilish branch plant in Shenzhen, China to supply products for Chinese market
1999 > Established office in Malaysia to serve the local market
2002 > Expanding the production from local self-own brand market to oversease OEM business
2007 > Recolated in Yangmei, Taiwan, and facilitated with high end automatically controlled brand new coating line
2008 > Certified by ISO 9001:2008
2009 > More OEM contracts for some worldwide well-known brand names
2010 > Installed 2nd production line, and contract consulting company to help building up SOP system for production
2011 > Expanding to 8 product lines
2012 > Developed more diversity product items for car wraps
2013 > exhibit in Taipei Ampa and SEMA Show in Los Angelas, USA
2014 > exhibit in Taipei Ampa in Thailand TAPA
2015 > exhibit in SGIA EXPO in GA, USA and Taipei Ampa
2016 > inspect production flow into details to ehhance the quality and efficiency
2017 > ERP activated
2018 > Certified by ISO 9001:2015

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How to Find Us :
Driving direction I > 從中山高方向來
中山高速公路 > 楊梅交流道下至中山北路一段 > 前行約3分鐘至天成醫院 > 紅綠燈右轉 > 直走楊新北路前行約5分鐘看到楊梅火車站 > 繼續直走至水美國小前岔路 > 左轉民富路直走(鐵路平行走) > 看到高鐵軌道右轉即民隆路
Get down the Yangmei Interchange from National Highway No. 1 (Jhongshang freeway).
Turn to Jhongshan N. Road, go straight about 3 minutes.
When you saw Tienchen Hospital, turn right to Yangshin N. Road.
You will see Yangmei Train Station, keep going straight 'til you see the Shuimei Elementary School, turn left to Mingfu Road, go straight until you see high speed rail track, Minglong Road is shortly ahead, turn right and you'll see Tri Tigers on the left side.
Driving direction II > 從北二高方向來
北二高, 在大溪交流道下, 往中壢方向 > 馬上接 66 東西向 > 66開到楊梅的下一個交流道, 左轉出老飯店出口 > 進入和平路, 和平路直行會看到萊爾富 > 即左轉進入楊新路往前直走, 過 7-11 之後 > 右轉進入民豐路, 民豐路走到底 > 右轉即進入民富路, 民富路前行 2 分鐘至民隆路
If you travel by National Highway No. 3 (Formosa freeway), get down on Daxi Interchange turn to Jhong-Li and connect to Highway 66.
Drive from Highway 66 until you passed Yangmei then get down from Hhighway 66.
Turn left to Laofandien Exit, enters Hoping Road, go straight 'til you meed Hi-Life Convenient Store, then turn to left Yangshin Road, passed 7-11 then right turn to Mingfong Road.
Drive to the end of Mingfong Road, you'll see Mingfu Road, turn right go straight about 2 minutes and turn right when you saw Minglong Road.