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Chameleon vinyl car wrap sticker (bubble free liner)

We are releasing Chameleon opaque type for car wraps with total 5 colors

Chameleon vinyl car wrap sticker (bubble free liner)
Spec: 1530mmx50M/per roll

1. Colors change range: cyan/blue/purple/red
2. Polymeric high glossy pvc which is more elastic than regular monomeric pvc, easier application for curved surface
3. Change colors at different angles
4. Low initial tack makes it easy for application
5. Bubble free liner for efficient application to save the labor cost
6. Protect the car paint from scratches and UV damage
7. Materials pass ROHS standard
8. Compatibility: Die cutting / car decoration/ architectural decoration.
9. 5 series color change range:
Q661: cyan/blue/purple/red
Q663: indigo/purple/red/orange
Q665: red/orange/yellow/kelly
Q666: golden/Kelly/green/blue
Q644: purplish red/orange/yellow/kelly

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